Cinnamon Holiday Cake With Bourbon, Dried Fruit and Pecans Recipe – Los Angeles Times

December 15, 2021 by No Comments

Make this cake, slice it up and give it away as a party favor, a treat for guests to enjoy in their own time. When baking a cake like this, I prefer to use a large Bundt pan, which gives cakes with such a heavy batter as this more structure — it also helps to use the cleaves in the design when dividing the cake into servings. This much batter fits into a 10-inch-diameter, 15-cup-volume pan; do not use anything smaller or the batter will not fit. You can use butter and flour to grease and flour the pan for this cake, but with so much at stake, I prefer to use nonstick baking spray, which more evenly coats the intricate corners of Bundt pans and ensures the cake comes out in one piece. This cake also bakes at a relatively lower temperature than you may be expecting. Baking it at 275 degrees for hours allows it to bake through thoroughly without burning or turning too dark on the outside. And when picking fruit, particularly the apples, look for the kind of “dried fruit” that has the soft texture of prunes and dates; avoid using the harder, more leathery kind often labeled as apple “chips.”



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