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Footage of a cake that looks exactly like a juicy rack of ribs has gone viral on TikTok, leaving millions of viewers very, very confused.

Illusion cakes have become popular on baking shows and social media. One well-known proponent of the hyper-realistic cake is Turkish baker Tuba Geckil, who hit the big time in summer 2020 thanks to a video showing her creations that looked just like Crocs, toilet paper, soap, fruit, potted plants and even people.

Geckil isn’t the only one making a name for herself in this culinary niche, though. Inae Cakes, a New York cake designer and pastry chef, is also proving something of a breakout star on social media.

According to the Inae Cakes website, the baker behind these confusing sweet treats “graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education New York City (2013) with the Top Toque Award for excellence in technique, professionalism and industry preparedness.”

On Monday, Inae Cakes posted a video to TikTok that, on first glance, appeared to be a juicy rack of ribs being carved up.

The minute the knife made contact with the “ribs,” however, it became clear that this was not the meaty treat it seemed to be. The blade sank into the supposed ribs to reveal what appears to be marble cake.

The video, which has racked up more than 3.4 million views, can be watched here.

“I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say,” reads the on-screen caption. While the Kitchen Nightmares chef would likely greet this clip with a few expletives, most TikTok viewers were simply stunned.

“I need a drink,” Lazypotaters commented. “I need a cigarette,” hamsterarelife6 wrote. “My brain isn’t braining,” TriceyB21 posted.

Some meat lovers felt a sense of betrayal.”This low key made me mad,” tgreengiant said. “Why do I feel betrayed?” msquestionnaire asked. “This just hurt me internally,” killavictoria quipped.

Even disappointed meat eaters wanted to take a bite. “My heart is broken but I still want it in my mouth,” Shae Love said.

Reika agreed: “It looks so good.”

This isn’t Inae Cakes’ first meaty illusion cake. Over Thanksgiving, she posted a “turkey” chocolate cake on Instagram, complete with rosemary and baking tray.

Newsweek has contacted Inae Cakes for comment.

Her holiday creation came just days after a dog went viral for taking a huge bite out of his family’s defrosting Thanksgiving turkey.

Meanwhile, one man severed all contact with one of his oldest friends after the longtime pal’s girlfriend demanded he make her expensive Wagyu steak “well done.”

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