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December 25, 2021 by No Comments

It’s Christmas today and Chahatt Khanna’s home looks all vibrant and festive, as she shares a peek of her beautifully-done tree. The pretty actress says, “My home is all ready, and set for Christmas. I get it all up around December 15 every year and I have been having a Christmas tree at home for the last nine years or so. I personally love to shop for my tree and décor and it’s an annual thing for me to do so. I go to Bandra and enjoy browsing and shopping for shiny baubles and hangings for the tree and each tree is with me for about four years.”

‘All I want is for everyone to be healthy and happy’

For those who didn’t know, Chahatt bakes the traditional cake each year and it’s a hit with all her friends. Reveals Chahatt, “I’m a big foodie, I love to cook, garnish, serve and eat. And my fave is the rich Christmas cake. It’s a festive thing for me to go and buy the ingredients and get everything ready; I look forward to that! In fact, I did my cake batter mixing and got the marination ready a month ago. My batter is famous with my friends – I use less flour and it’s loaded with dried fruit and other ingredients. In the run-up to December 25, everyone asks when I am making the cake.”

She adds, “I always bake a days before X’mas. This year however, I got slightly delayed and it was only yesterday that I finished baking cakes, cookies and breads for my friends and family. They all wait for this time of the year as they know I will prepare this cake. I don’t make it at any other time in the year, just at Christmas.”

What is the one thing she wants from Santa? She adds, “I don’t know, I’m blessed, God has given me so much, touch wood! I just want that everyone should be healthy and happy and that there should be no more Covid. Good times for everyone, that’s it!”




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