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Keith Spera has written an article that announces that Hogs for the Cause will take place April 1-2, 2022 at the UNO Fairgrounds.

I am a broken record about the event, I know, but it’s a great time for a good cause and you will have a hard time convincing anyone that great music, food and beverages are not awesome.

Hogs for the Cause supports families with kids diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer, and they’ve done incredible work.

You can buy tickets here.

Brennan’s restaurant is once again going to be baking and selling king cakes this Carnival season.

There are three available: a standard model with brioche dough and cinnamon, icing and colored sugar; another version with Louisiana strawberries and cream cheese baked into the dough with strawberry-tinted icing; and a “black and gold” variety, which is made with a chocolate brioche dough, chocolate icing and chocolate ganache, then topped with crumbled golden sable cookies. Those all sound very good to me, and as I have had very good things baked by the restaurants in the Ralph Brennan restaurant group, including King Cakes from years past, I am confident these will not disappoint.

I suggest you check out the website for more details, including when you can start ordering them and how to pick them up when the time comes.

Whether it’s from Brennan’s or another outfit, may I suggest you consider sending a king cake to friends out of state? I have found over the years that people like cake. People particularly like to be surprised with cake and if you do not live in Louisiana, you may – and I know this will be hard to believe – you may not know that Carnival is a thing.

If you live elsewhere you may be aware that there’s the whole upcoming Lent thing, but the day before it starts is pretty much just another Tuesday for you.

It’s a nice surprise to receive a king cake from out of the blue and I assure you that it will make the recipient(s) very happy. Lots of places will ship the cakes for you, but it’s not that hard to box one up and arrange for delivery yourself.

My advice is to order early to ensure that the cakes arrive before Fat Tuesday. Things are difficult with regard to shipping these days, I’ve read.




Source: https://www.myneworleans.com/hogs-for-the-cause-and-king-cakes/


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