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It is the last few days of the year and most of us have bid goodbye to our diet and workout routines. And we are not alone. Actress Soha Ali Khan too seems to be indulging in some decadent desserts ahead of Christmas and New Year. The actress, on Christmas Eve, declared that it was “cake time” in her Instagram Stories. Soha Ali Khan shared a photo of the cake and it looked absolutely delicious. The post features a chocolate cake that is topped with white icing and carrot-shaped decorations on top. The orange and green icing serves as the perfect colours to match the white cake.

See the photo of the cake here:

She enjoys a winter treat!

Except on special holidays and festivals, Soha Ali Khan sticks to her routine of a clean diet and healthy eating. Revealing her morning food rituals to NDTV, Soha shared that she begins her day with a handful of almonds. She considers them the “perfect nibble to start the day with because they are known to provide energy”. Read more about it here.

Soha Ali Khan also said that she has switched from beverages like tea and coffee to a lemon and honey drink. The actress said that since “caffeinated drinks are acidic and not advisable to consume on an empty stomach”, a glass of water is a better option first thing in the morning. She says that you can also add slices of cucumber, lemon or mint leaves to your water. And, when she does want a sip of tea Soha Ali Khan chooses to have a cup of blue tea. Blue tea, as the name suggests, has a hue of blue thanks to the dried butterfly-pea flowers that it is brewed from. Unlike other drinks, blue tea is completely caffeine-free and rich in antioxidants. Take a look at the photo of Soha’s blue tea here.

Soha Ali Khan also loves to eat local and according to the season. Earlier, during the monsoon, the actress was seen enjoying some corn on the cob, with a dash of lime. Click here to take a look at Soha’s corn on the cob and also for corn recipes that you can try.

Soha Ali Khan’s diet seems to be the perfect blend of healthy eating with occasional treats. Tell us what you think of her food choices.



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