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Cake is one of the most impressive desserts a cook has in their repertoire. It’s the first thing people expect at a birthday party, always gets applause at a gathering, and it’s the central figure—next to the bride—at a wedding. Whether you open up a boxed mix and top it with homemade frosting, buy it at a local bakery, or whip it up from scratch, a cake is always welcome.

The folks at Shane Co., a jewelry company familiar with celebrations, wanted to know what cakes were popular in every state in the U.S. They analyzed Google search trends over 12 months to see which popular cake flavors people have been looking to make or buy… and discovered 21 different types! But, one particular cake flavor takes the crown as a favorite in 10 states. (Here’s a hint: Your kids will be happy with this choice.)

Read on to see which cake flavor is the most popular in your state. And next, if you’re into boxed cake mix check out I Tasted 6 Chocolate Cake Mixes & This Is the Best.


True red velvet cake is red because of a chemical reaction between cocoa powder and acidic buttermilk, but a dash of red food coloring makes the vibrant cake pop. What is truly non-negotiable is luscious cream cheese frosting. How is this the favorite in only one state?

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The folks up in Alaska favor a cream cheese frosted confection too. Carrot cake recipes differ with the number and amount of spices and use of nuts and/or fruit, but what makes a great carrot cake is tender pieces of sweet carrot, a good dose of cinnamon, and a fabulous frosting. Try our recipe for Carrot Cake Cupcakes.


Whether people are making their own ice cream cake or buying it isn’t clear, what is clear is that this is the most-searched-for cake in the U.S with 10 states seeking it out. It’s hot in Arizona, and what better way to cool off than a cold, creamy cake?

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While this isn’t blatantly stated, let’s imagine that this is strawberry shortcake, arguably the king of all cakes that include fruit. Then it’s easy to understand why this is the #2 cake in America with seven states prizing its berry flavor. What’s better than mounds of …….



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